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knows how it feels to be burdened by debt. >> i don't like it. and i wish i didn't have to. if i can work towards a few tour students, then, i think i'd leave it at that. >> for a sense of the 2000%, we asked a professor what his phd cost in 1970s. 70 -- $7,000. >> this is a report card being issued by the federal government. and i think he should put pressure on the states to stop cutting university budget and that is causing interest. >> the president asked for reform, including aligning
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entry standards, the next step is when he takes this to congress. >> wayne, thank you. on the subject of money oakland city council is hoping it can persuade the state to help delay layoffs of dozens of city employees. california's flash redevelopment fund helping balance cities have less money to spend across the board. there is $4 kblinl on hand to finalize redevelopment projects. city leaders want to pay salaries of 81 pink slip employees two weeks. >> a san jose state student is under arrest, accused of groping four female students. a spokesperson says his identity will be released. all four victims say they were sleeping in their dorm rooms when sexual assaulted this morning. the suspect likely followed a student and then had no problems getting into the victim's room. >> and i make sure the door is locked all the time.
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it's a possibility something can happen. >> and surveillance video and information from students helped police identify the suspect. he was taken into custody on campus. san jose state says it will be meeting with students in small groups to talk about safety. >> and police are questioning a 15-year-old high school student because of a school lock down. police searched the home of the male student after officers say he posted a social media message about shooting up evergreen valley high school. police found no weapons or plans of attacks. but that student was spotted this morning, causing authorities to order that lock down. officers found the student off campus. he did not resist officers when they came to question him. and police say the student may have mental health issue autos berkeley police are investigating the city's first homicide of the year this, is a brazen shooting that left a father of five dead. the 35-year-old had just left
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his job in a barber shop last night. he was gunned down on the sidewalk. nobody inside was hurt. his uncle was still inside when he heard the gunfire. >> when in 15 seconds we heard shots and came outside. i seen people looking through the neighborhood. and i got right here. that is when i've seen him on the front porch. >> the shop has become a meeting place for friends and family to mourn. police have not made arrests and will reveal a motive in connection with the shooting. >> san francisco mayor ed lee says he's encouraging the sheriff to think about stepping down because of a domestic violence charges. abc 7's vic lee spoke about sheriff ross mirkarimi today. did you get the impression he wants him out? >> well, i get the feeling that the mayor feels all of this is distracting. the sheriff from doing his job
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and he feels that mirkarimi is time for him to step down. he's asked him to consider that option for more than a week now. and also the mayor says he realizes to remove someone from office is a very difficult process and he wants to avoid that. so i think that he could be on the. >> sheriff mirkarimi poked his head into a disaster committee meeting today. other that an aid said he was working in his office this, after a judge refused to modify a protective order that prevents mirkarimi from seeing his wife and son during the duration of the trial. and that the proceedings are keeping him from doing his job fully. >> i continue to ask him to make that consideration
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seriously and strongly. >> the mayor has the option of suspending mirkarimi entitled to a hearing on the suspension. the commission would forward findings to the supervisors and would need nine votes from the 11 member board to remove the sheriff from office. two more women are telling police mirkarimi once abused them, that seems to be a growing concern for mayor lee. >> there are many proceedings that are coming forth to be known about that. i would think, you've god to -- got to admit there is a level of distraction here. >> he did tell us he and the sheriff are talking and those conversations include option of stepping down. >> we will continue to talk with the sheriff and i did say to me that it's under consideration. his mind of course, we're two days ago one situation, two days later we saw -- we'll have a chance to keep that
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going. >> and mirkarimi is due in court february 22 for a pretrial conference. i did talk to his new lawyer today. she tells me that she will begin process of petitioning family court to modify the stay away order so he can see his wife and his young son. back to you. >> and is there precedent for the mayor to remove an elected official like this? for misconduct? >> i put my memory on, many mosconi removed a plumber's union chief from his position as airport commissioner because of misconduct but the state supreme court later overturn that had decision saying that the activities, and misconduct centered on union activities not as airport commissioner. so there is one set of precedent. another of course you'll
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remember a supervisor ed hsu, it turb turned out a judge sentenced him to prison for more serious offenses than simply living outside of the city when campaigning for office. sthogs those are two that i can think of. >> thank you, vic. >> and time for a first check of the weekend forecast. >> looks great outside. >> sandhya patel is here with the weekend ahead of us. >> and there is some spring like weather. and you're going to enjoy tomorrow. here is the forecast tonight. clear skies, temperatures into low to mid-50s tomorrow morning. not going to see fog. and we're looking at low 30s to mid-40s and tomorrow afternoon, it's sunny, mild again with low to upper 60s around the bay area. a few low 70s showing up around the monterey bay. and it's not going to end up being a sunny, dry sunday. details when i come back. >> thank you.
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>> and still head this afternoon, state officials are looking into whether a weight loss clinic lied to patients. >> and hearing about possible ideal. emily chang will be joining us with detail autos and michael finney is taking your questions through his facebook and twitter pages now and will be answering them here live a little later, you can contact michael on twitter or >> and on a get away friday afternoon, warm, sunny skies outside. our first check of traffic looking at skyway, really slow going whether you're going left or right or heading towards the bay bridge or trying to get down south towards peninsula. it's going to take a long time getting home. stay with us. the news at 4:00 continues.
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checking healthy living news, lap band surgery centers affiliated with 1-800-get fit campaign are under investigation for possible fraud. the "los angeles times" reports state and federal investigators are looking into allegations of misleading advertising asosited with the surgery. officials say they've broken no laws. according to lawsuits and reports, at least five patients have died after lap band procedures at affiliated clinics. aetna says it's cooperating with the investigation. >> and doctors point out tests patients with early detention examined genetics of lung cancer and experts hope that the tests can help them see which patients will need just
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surgery and which will require chemotherapy. the study appears in the journal lancet. >> children with high levels of cadmium may be more likely to need special education classes. children can be exposed to it through food and tobacco smoke, also toys in childrens jewelry also contain it. researchers worked on this study that appears in the environmental health perspective. >> and turning out more women are choosing to give birth at home rather than in the hospital. and the national center for health statistics reports the number of home births jumped by 29% between 2004 and 2009, about 30,000 more home births. many families are opting for home births to avoid c section skpin dused labor. american college of obstetricians does not support
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planned home birth calling it too risky. >> business news now this afternoon, apple's ceo adregs concerns about working conditions overseas and looks like face book's ipo is coming, and soon. let's go to emily chang with today's after the bell report. >> hey there, larry. big news out on facebook for weeks sources have been telling bloomberg facebook's ipo is imminent z two sources say they're aiming to file as early as next week. and the company is assessing evaluation of $75 billion to $100 billion. that makes the company twice as vabl as it was last year. and not too bad for being founded by a harvard grad in a dorm room in 2004 z because facebook has been private so long there, is a a lot we don't know about the social network.
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details i'm sure will be emerging sometime next week if this filing indeed comes along. but could faceboork be doing this to keep momentum going? >> the subscribers and aging the pages and addition of new fan pages which once admittedly from a smaller base were growing 20% a month per month, year to year basis now growing low double digits in the latter and second half of 2011. that suggests to me that there has been a diesel raigs in the business. >> elsewhere, apple ceo tim cook reached out to employees and addresses some of the criticism the company has received recently this, is what he wrote. we care about every worker in our supply chain, any suggestion that we don't care is false. and offensive to us and
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accusations like these are contemporary to our values. apple became the first technology company to join the fair labor association and independent council that will conduct evaluations of factories that supply apple. and before i go, we'll take a look at the closing numbers. stocks down a bit after a report signaled the economy grew, but not as much as predicted. your bloomberg index advanced a bit with shares of google and yahoo leading the way. that is the latest in business at bloomberg studios, i'm emily chang, larry, back to you. >> and have a great weekend. >> when i woke up this morning it was foggy it was. >> and there was wide spread fog. it's dense in a lot of areas. and there is like pea soup
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outside. and i know that. >> and either that or we're not paying attention. >> rain? >> yes. we're going to bring in possibility of rain heading into sunday night. and there is a live picture. lovely view. sunny skies outside. you can see for miles. so that fog is clearing out of here as wind changed directions. there is an off shore flow developing and temperatures came up. there is santa rosea, napa, 70 degrees and close to 70 now in santa cruz. 67 degrees in concord there is another mild one tomorrow, temperatures now still comfortable. all into 60s. it's clear out there. and there is patchy frost
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inland. and don't get too used to it. there is a chance of showers sunday night you'll see an increase for sunday. tonight bundle up. down to freezing or just above and there is going to be chilly in places like livermore and concord. 38 san jose and palo alto. there is recovery expected temperatures going to bounce back tomorrow. high pressure is still a dominant factor. starting out cold not as strong tomorrow. so things changing and this system brings in more cloud cover. temperatures fall and you'll see it here and so sunday afternoon, clouds increase. they're thickening. around midnight you'll see
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rain line beginning to develop. scattered showers is a possibility sunday night into early monday morning. not the storm of the century but enough to get roadways wet. highs tomorrow afternoon, comfortable. into 60 s from low to upper 60s, sunshine and you're going to see low 70s there. there is the accu-weather forecast. mild tomorrow, and cooler sunday, monday. with that slit possibility of rain and then, high pressure rebuilds and it's dry and milder again for middle to latter part of the week. we need the rain here. >> and that is out now. >> and that is right. >> and entertainment news now. officials released a recording of the 911 call made before demi moore was rushed to the hospital. >> the call sent help to actress demi moore this week
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released today. a woman tells an operator moore was not breathing normal and she'd smoked something. >> it's not marijuana. but it's similar to -- it's similar to innocence z she seems to be having convupgss. >> is this accidental? or intentional? >> she smoked something but the reaction was accidental. >> her publicist claims she was being treated for exhaustion. it's been over two months since moore announced her split with ashton kutcher. >> now, oscars just 30 day as way. today chatting with actor john goodman from "the artist". what does he think about it? >> that is so far out of control. i gave up thinking about it. >> you, too, can be a part of the experience. go to, the official home of the academy awards that is featuring memorable
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moments as well as fun clips from host, billy crystal. for everything else go to >> and turns out you can be paying way too much for that olive oil that you have. some want to make sure you're getting a fair deal, next oo. and the international executive offering to meet face-to-face with these protestors in this city. >> and then relief is on the way to a southbound freeway that may beat back up but will cost you. >> and checking traffic again, 4:21. bay bridge earlier and there is traffic is a mess this is one of them. and it is what it is now. >> thank you.
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california olive growers say condition assumers are being ripped off by mislabeled imported olive oil and they want enforced regulations to end deception. saying 75% of what is labeled extra virgin olive oil is actually mixed with other seed oil autos they certainly use lower grade olive oil, cheaper to make because they're using poor-quality olives and they blend it in and call it extra virgin which consumer thinks is the best. it's not. >> olive oil importers say 99% of the olive oil sold in the
4:24 pm
u.s. is importing and the remaining 1% comes from california. >> san francisco is now subject of an internet theme that just won't quit out there. >> you might have heard of it. and most of the time people use a four letter word for stuff. >> i mean why don't we just walk 15 blocks? >> let's go to kikea. >> i wish it was warm enough to swim. >> other ones are funnier than this. but waits up loaded to you tube wednesday by san francisco writer annie sloon and has become the most-shared video in the bay area receiving 200,000 view autos some of the folks say it's way too hip sister and if it reflected the stuff san franciscoins really say would it focus on 49ers like this guy. >> what is wrong?
4:25 pm
>> you thought 49ers would be in the super bowl? and we showed you the 4-year-old niners fan heart broken by the loss of the giants. little johnny received 150,000 hits on you tube so far and his dad says this softens the blow and they're looking forward to baseball season. >> got to look ahead. >> yes. >> why hundreds of california prison workers are getting layoff notices. >> and there is a massive fire that left a school in trouble. the community now pitching in to get classrooms up and running again. >> there is to help turn the page. >> the obama administration rushing to make good on the state of the union address. help can be too late for homeowner that's need it most. >> from our camera you can see there is sunshine out there.
4:26 pm
you may need umbrellas. ososososs
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a san francisco school damaged by the fire in western edition has still not recovered one month later. >> this happened two days before christmas. the creative arts charter school has been collecting supply was help from the community. >> and abc 7 is here to tell us what they need. >> and they still need an array of supplies, books and other instructional materials. now, we're going to give you their web site.
4:29 pm
and part of the story is how an entire community and schools around san francisco are helping them rebuild. the fire broke out at this apartment building on golden gate avenue, noon, december 22. the creative arts school next door suffered major water and smoke damage. thankfully, school was not in session. >> and in this building we had our studio, a library. and our main office and counselor's office. and six classroom autos inside of the annex building teachers had years worth of supplies. main building is several feet away. did it not suffer any damage. >> it has been a challenge to lose so much stuff mid year. >> but what the school was not anticipating was the level of support coming from people in the neighborhood and from other schools in san francisco. >> schools around the city
4:30 pm
have given us donations of supplies and furniture. book drive. >> among them, cathedral school for boys in the knob hill neighborhood. the first grade class spent time recruiting some of the older boys to help donate books and supplies. >> they were asking, like, what stuff do you need? i told them, like... papers and a pack of paper or pencil autos they were voted in as wanting to them them out. they went around to classrooms and told them a little bit about what's happening at the creative arts charter school. >> we're feeling very, you know inspired and confident about what transpired. >> good for them. if you want to find out how to donate supplies or want to know what the school needs go to our web site z click on see it on tv.
4:31 pm
in the newsroom abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> and california has to spend $2 billion on new medical facilities in order to end federal control of health care for inmates. that word came from the court-appointed monitor overseeing the medical system for six years. so far, the state only committed to spending $750 million. the state also sends layoff notices to 548 employees including 140 guards. california's population in prison fallen by 14,000 since fall when many offenders began serving their sentences in county jails. >> and california voters will see changes when it comes to picking state senators in this june's primary and november's general election. the state supreme court upheld boundaries drawn up last year. republicans opposed new mapping and say many favor democrats and that can make it easier for democrats to win the two-thirds majority leaded to pass new taxes.
4:32 pm
>> and california is closer to getting more green vehicles on the road. regulators passed standards today requiring california to have 1.4 million electric and hybrid vehicles on the roads by 2025. and this also calls for reducing smog-forming pollution and the state's new car dealers association says the resources board is overestimating consumer demand for vehicles. >> there is another green energy company backed by the obama administration is filed for bankruptcy after getting an infusion of cash from taxpayers. and this is to announce a grant from the department of energy they make rechargeable batteries and the chapter 11 comes after fremont based solyndra went out of business last year.
4:33 pm
solyndra received $500 million in taxpayer backed loan autos the obama administration is launching a new task force to investigate the risky lending practices blamed for wrecking the economy. some say it's too late. >> president obama made the promise tuesday night and said the government will crack down on fraud and abuse in this mortgage-backed securities market. in the state of the union address the president promise promised... to. >> help turn the page on aner of recklessness. >> the attorney general says that is what his task force will do. >> this will help restore faith in our financial markets
4:34 pm
and allow us to answer the call that president obama issued this week. >> many remain disappointed with the fact no major players responsible have been prosecuted. >> indy mac no longer with us. washington mutual no longer with us so there is a lot of paper work has gotten lost in deals done during crisis. and so i don't know if we're going to know the full story of how much abuse occurred. >> this isn't the first time the white house promised to root out wrong doing and win back trust. the president announced another task force. its mission to hold accountable those that helped bring about the last financial crisis. analyst says this is intended to send a tough message to financial institutions and american people that the obama
4:35 pm
administration has not forgotten how they got into the mess and who is responsible. and there is one woman fighting for years to keep her home from being foreclosed. >> and europe got a tough message today from financial analyst that down graded ratings of five eurozone nations and said they're vulnerable to short term turbulence. and economic worlds may collide in switzerland. head of the world economic forum invited occupy protestors to a meeting. occupiers protesting there say they haven't decided whether to accept the offer. there is another demonstration planned for tomorrow. and announced they'll march
4:36 pm
saturday at noon to an undisclosed location and plan to take over a building and make it their new headquarters. the group sent a letter to mayor jean kwan and warning they may try to blockade the airport. >> still ahead he's the last man standing. the reason one activist stayed behind after japan's ef date dr -- devastating earthquake. >> michael finney will answer questions here later, you can contact michael on twit dwrer at m finney. >> and it's friday. if you're getting away for the weekend you can see here there are green lights out over california and nevada. delays being reported in phoenix due to construction. there is 45 minutes an arriveal. and there is 30 minutes to about an hour, in boston, 45 minute delays.
4:37 pm
i'll be back with a look at the forecast.
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>> tensions rose in cairo. thousands celebrated the first anniversary of one of the bloodiest days of last year's uprising. protestors chanted antimilitary slogans and want to see a transfer of power to civilian leaders. many died during the friday of
4:40 pm
rainl when then-president mubarak's security forces fired on on protestors and also demanded generals be tried for killing and wounding hundreds of civilian autos french frez sarkozy announced today his country soldiers will withdraw by the end of next year after he warned of an early pullout following a killing of four unarmed french troops. the than has -- man has been described as a taliban infiltrator. >> and the italian navy conducted a series of controlled explosions today in an effort to salage tons of fuel. and the first officer appeared to answer charges of manslaughter and the captain also faces charges. 19 people died after the ship ran aground two weeks ago. 16 others are still missing. a crew member has filed a lawsuit in chicago against the cruise line's parent company,
4:41 pm
carnival cruises. the lawsuit accuses the subsidiaries of negligence and lawyers want the suit to represent all 4200 passenger passengers and crew. >> a japanese city once home to 52,000 people is now home to just one. and everyone left when the government ordered an evacuation. it is 10 miles from the power plant with a nuclear melt down. and he has now become an activist and says recovery has been slow, calling on government to speed up the clean up efforts there. >> twitter is changing its policy on who can see tweets. why the social network is now censoring some content. >> also ahead... republican
4:42 pm
presidential front runners focus in florida. polls show a change. >>
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
just a beautiful look back towards san francisco. there is about 45 hins from now. >> and florida's republican
4:45 pm
presidential primary is tuesday, today, front runners are focusing on immigration population talking about bringing democracy to cuba. and less than a week before the primary, how the race there is shaping up. newt gingrich spoke to a group of business leaders and mitt romney brought the crowd to its feet. >> we'll help cuba become free. >> there has been a shift in momentum since gingrich won south carolina. romney is leading in new florida polls and according to some, he won last night's debate. >> the idea i'm antiimmigrant is resulsive. >> gingrich is fighting back on the air. his campaign released a script for an ad saying romney would deceive just to win an election. one example gingrich brings up is this spanish language attack ad.
4:46 pm
romney said it wasn't for his campaign. >> i doubt that is my ad. we'll take a look he did approve it. >> and the republican establishment is, john mccain blasted gingrich for wanting an american colony on the moon. >> i think we ought to send newt gingrich to the moon. >> and to the president they're all the same, portraying all republican candidates supporting failed policies whether talking to college students in michigan or sitting down with diane sawyer. >> why we would want to adopt something we just tried and did not work doesn't make sense. >> heading into the florida primary a new poll shows romney leading by nine points. two days ago that poll had them m a dead hee.. >> and twitter is defending its country by country sensorship policy. and can now censor messages by
4:47 pm
country. critics say this is a way for twitter to pander to countries that violate free speech. but twitter sees it to ensure tweets remain visible to as many people as possible. twitter says there will be a notice whenever a tweet is removed. >> there is a policy generating comments on the facebook page. and another view from george writes if they have to censor, oh, well. being there, messages will be available by cross linking with other users on other media. we invite to you join at >> and the marriage meant to save a 100-year-old warehouse. >> it's a site you don't want to see on a plane. >> does a res vaunt owe you anything if you get food
4:48 pm
poisoning? i'm answering your consumer questions ahead. >> then, later at 5:00 there is a privacy breech and personal information available online for years. ha you called to switch us to anthem yet? honey, how can i call now, i can barely hear a thing with amber's band practicing. ♪ you're right, we've had enough. but i know exactly what to do. you take care of the music and i'll switch us to anthem. sometimes you just have to pull the plug.
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♪ sorry, grandpa, we'll try to keep it down. i just... give it to me. ♪ [ female announcer ] we know you're still more rocker than rocking chair... that are just right for you. we have plans with no copays, no deductibles, and lifetime coverage. you may even qualify for one of our guaranteed acceptance plans. if you're eligible for medicare or will be soon, you can schedule an in home visit or get answers right over the phone. call anthem blue cross today at 1-877-230-6352. that's 1-877-230-6352.
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>> michael finney is answering questions posted to his facebook and twitter page autos interest there is a question about what is covered in a car crash. >> this is interesting. eric m asked if insurance companies have a right to refuse to repair a vehicle covered with uninsured motorist insurance when the person isn't insured? no. that is the reason you have uninsured motorist but i bet you know when the beef is. you figure the other side would pay if causing the crash you're covered. you're not. you still have to pay
4:52 pm
deductible. even if you have the uninsured motorist which almost everyone saturday, have you to pay the deductible. if they're trying to do anything different give us a call here and we'll take care of it for you. >> robin s wants to know if someone gets food poisoning what rights do consumers have? this is complex. what happens is that you get sick and report it. they have to figure out why did this come from? from, let's say and they have to decide from the field? processor or restaurant? let's say it decided they come from the restaurant, you're in better shape if they find another person, then, they have insurance companies take care of your medical costs and whatever costs you've had. you can sue them and try to get more, it's a difficult case to make.
4:53 pm
best thing you can do is hope the health department ties it to the restaurant, then, they're insured. and there is elmer asks is there a law mandating the state board of equalization to levy taxes on out of state internet sales? here is a rule on that. they're -- it's ill tlol tax sales made in another state. however, it's your duty to pay tax on anything you buy on the internet from another state. the law has been in effect since 1935. no one paid it until a couple years ago. the state says where is our money? and so now they're going after people. they don't track it down, they expect to you pay it on your income tax statement. when they sue a company and they get their records, this
4:54 pm
happened with large screen tvs and internet cigarette purchases. >> and they never expected to pay. when buying on the internet, that can come back and haunt you. >> thank you. >> sure. >> one last check of the forecast for this hour. >> there is great looking weather. so there is this photo, sun rise submitted by robin s. there is a lovely photo of the fog there unless you're larry, sleeping through it. here is another photo of the fog and this is thick out there but we're going to expect a sunny day from start to finish z state wide as well. and there is wind advisories and high wind warnings there.
4:55 pm
and up towards chico, 65. sunny skies and 55 degrees. there is 47 in tahoe. sunday night, chance of showers. highs for saturday here in the bay area hard to believe it's winter. there is 67 in san jose. and there is a nice sunny day and low to mid 60 as long the coast. downtown san francisco, 64. and really beautiful weather for north bay. there is warmer than after rim for this time of the year. there is 66 out towards novato and there is inland areas nice-looking day ask comfortable weather. 65 in livermore and there is
4:56 pm
70s for saturday. it's really mild. beach weather in santa cruz. larry? enjoy nice weather tomorrow. main may be in town at sunday night. >> i'm going to be aupt dawn for that one. >> i'm glad you are. >> inspectors starting to examine a bridge in kentucky after a cargo ship hit it. part of the bridge collapsed into kentucky lake and it appears water levels may have been too high. the operate jorz it had passed beneath the span for 10 years and the bridge might now be unstable. >> several passengers captured a video of an engine failing in flight. this shows the engine faltering on a flight after it took off from portland international airport. >> this then everything
4:57 pm
stopped and just got quiet. and every phone was out. so we're just thankful to be back. but it was scary. >> and horizon air operates regional flights for alaska airlines and says the plane can fly safely with just one engine. >> an occupy seattle protestor is commit together cause for better or worse. she says she plans to marry the old warehouse she and other protestors camped out in. the 107-year-old building sk turned into an apartment complex. she says it's not going stop the wedding on sunday. >> this is to show the building how much i loift. how much i love community space and this neighborhood. i want to stop it from gentrification. >> she says her goal is to protect the building and make
4:58 pm
it historical. the wedding is ceremony yil only. you can keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter or talk about it on >> female students groped by an intruder in dorm rooms. now an arrest and details alerted about the suspect. >> there is private information of hundreds of workers online for years. >> and drug dogs being used to stiff out a problem in california prisons. >> good evening are, i'm cheryl jennings. >> a man suspected of groping four women in san jose state university is under arrest tonight. >> and police stay sai he was a student.
4:59 pm
>> this suspect has been in custody here and will be soon booked in jail. this suspect does not live in joe west's dorm but the student got into the building. likely following someone wells access just like we did. >> this is not what hard to get in late at night. you can tail gate someone in. >> police say the suspect started roaming the floors, looking for unlocked bedroom doors and groped four young women while they were sleeping. attacks first reported shortly after 3:30 this morning. >> i briefly talked to her, he came into my room. i can't see it just skmapd he left. >> surveillance cameras did see something. a text alert went out to students. >>

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